Welcome to Mini Food Critics MCR

Mini Food Critics MCR (formally The Baby Food Critic MCR) came about after a conversation over lunch about Edie eating out and about quite regularly even though she’d not long started eating food. We thought it would be funny to do food reviews from a baby perspective.

In the end I wanted it to be a review that detailed how baby, toddler and family friendly a place was. This was very important to us now we were parents. How I would have loved to have known where to go when I was a new Mum worried about breastfeeding in public and could I change the baby there, would there be a highchair and all these extra worries that come with being a first time Mum. 

Now that I’m a Mum of two I’m not as much of a worrier and having two young ones doesn’t stop me getting out and enjoying food and drink. I just appreciate more the little things that a cafe or restaurant can do that make a huge difference to us as a family.

I’ve had fun exploring this city and surrounding areas with my young family and I hope this blog and photos will give ideas of places to visit and family friendly places to eat.

Laila x





2 thoughts on “Welcome to Mini Food Critics MCR

  1. Congrats on your new blog!! I love it. We’re baby food critics in London, so we should share notes! I can’t see how I can follow you on WordPress, but if you follow my site then I will follow you back 👍🏻


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