Bevano Lounge, Urmston.

22/07/16 Bevano Lounge

So I recently discovered (via @mcrkidscollective) that there was a Lounge bar in Urmston. I used to live round the corner from the original Lounge bar in Bristol and it was our local.
So we had to go and check out Bevano Lounge.

Daddy Dan had a day off so we went to Davyhulme Park and then for lunch.
It was very busy on this sunny day in Manchester and lots of people were sat outside, they also had open fronted windows so some much needed air was wafting in. We sat upstairs and left the buggy downstairs, plenty of space though and room for pushchairs between the tables.
They had crayons, paper and other toys so we grabbed a load of that to entertain the impatient lil ones while we got settled and perused the menu.
The seats were varied so there were comfy sofas and also chairs with arms. I fed Edie in an armchair that had a cushion, bonus BF points there! The highchair was your standard wooden one which I’m not a big fan of and it was a bit low for the table but would be fine for older / taller babies.
Kaya sat in a normal chair with arms to stop her wriggling off somewhere.
They have a decent kids menu with plenty of choice and each meal comes with a juice drink and pot of cucumber, carrot and breadsticks. I chose some pancakes with strawberry and banana for Kaya,
I went for a Veggie Goan Curry and Dan had a chicken and falafel flat bread.
The food was fresh and very tasty, Kaya smeared most of hers round her mouth and Edie had a bit of pancake, falafel and cucumber but seemed more interested in the people behind us!
Dan and I made sure we finished it all off 😊
The staff were really friendly and attentive, checking we were OK and clearing plates away quickly.
The baby change was downstairs in the disabled toilet which was very clean and tidy.
It was a very enjoyable family lunch and as a Lounge bar it’s even better than I remember. Can you open one in Salford please??

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