Pokusveski’s, Media City UK, Salford Quays 26/07/16


One day a week Kaya goes to Nursery, which gives Edie and I some time to ourselves and Kaya loves a busy day of getting messy.

Tuesday just gone we went to meet Daddy Dan for lunch down at Media City and chose Pokusveski’s.

We went a couple of times when Kaya was a baby as we lived near to the quays.

We remember the food being lovely so thought we’d try it again.

It’s quite a small cafe bar but really comfy and plenty of seating. They have a nice sofa and coffee table near the front, small tables and then larger tables near the back. We chose one in the corner that had a bit of space for the buggy. 

The staff are really welcoming and settle you into your table. 

I ordered some hummus and pitta bread for Edie to try, a margarita pizza for me and Dan had a potato salad and roll type thing. 

We had a couple of coffees and a Fentimans lemonade. 

The seating was comfortable with loads of cushions which helped when Edie wanted a feed. 

They had the standard wooden highchairs which they kindly fetched for us and moved the table to fit it in. 

It didn’t take too long at all for the food to arrive, which is great for those with limited time on a lunch break. 

You get good size portions of food, there was an enormous amount of hummus that was very tasty but we couldn’t finish off. Edie loved the bread and my pizza but wasn’t a fan of the hummus. 

My pizza was just as it should be, thin base and nice amount of cheese. Twas yummy. 

Dan’s food looked amazing I tried some of the potato which was very tasty and I don’t normally like potato salad. 

We didn’t need to use baby changing on this occasion but they do have a change table in the toilet. 

Nearing the end of our meal we spotted a celebrity on the other side of the cafe, he must have been filming countdown.

I hope he enjoyed his time at Pokusveski’s as much we did πŸ•β˜• 

Love a bit of celeb spotting down @mediacityuk 

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