Thaikun, Spinningfields, Manchester 04/08/16

​It’s not often we go into central Manchester these days, I used to a lot more when Kaya was young, living that bit closer. 

Anyway, we decided to go to the Central Library last week as I’d not been since it was done up and it was another wet day.  We parked over in Ancoats and had a walk through the NQ, managing to miss a heavy downpour.

We got to the library and went down to the children’s section, it had so many cushions and things to interact with that Kaya didn’t really look at the books much! 

Edie enjoyed the extra attention and had some storytime with Dad. 

We didn’t get to try the cafe after so we left the library in search of somewhere to go, we ended up walking quite far down to Spinningfields with two very hungry girls. Next stop – Thaikun

I’ve been wanting to try Thaikun for ages, I didn’t really think of it as a place to go with the kids but it was surprisingly very kid friendly.

We were taken to a booth not too far from the chef’s where you can watch them cooking. 

There are a variety of chairs and table options in this restaurant, so if you need a comfier chair for feeding baby you’ve got it πŸ‘

The highchair was your standard wooden one and the table was a good height for it, hooray!

Our waitress was an absolute superstar, got the highchair for us, cooed over Edie and was entertained by Kaya, well, she acted like she was πŸ˜‰. She also grabbed some colouring in stuff for Kaya ✍

Menu time, Kaya wants to waft it about and Edie wants to chew it πŸ™ˆ

They do a kids meal deal which includes a juice drink and veg sticks to start. You could pick and mix the kids choices which was great and it came out with plastic cutlery and a plate with separate compartments for those fussy eaters. She also gave us a plastic bowl for Edie without us asking. We chose chicken with rice and a non spicy, no nuts, satay sauce.

I had some dumplings to start and ordered a duck panang curry, Dan ordered a pork dish that had egg in it called Khao Ka Moo. Seemed unusual but it looked and tasted great, my curry was lush and Kaya’s chicken satay was amazing! She didn’t wanna try it unfortunately 😞 more for us πŸ˜ƒ and Edie or course, she’ll eat anything at the moment. Edie started getting narky so Dan rocked her off to kip in the buggy and then Kaya got bored so it was on to part four of the kids meal – mini milk ice cream to the rescue! 

They had a baby change in the disabled toilet which you needed to grab a key for, bit of a pain when you’ve herded a toddler there to find you have to go and find a staff member but hey, it’s no biggy when the rest of the our visit was so enjoyable. 

Great surroundings, great service, great food and great for the kids πŸ‘πŸœπŸšπŸ›πŸΆ

Oh an there was a tuk tuk to play on outside after 😊


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