Scona, Uppermill, Oldam – 09/08/16

Tuesday was a toddler free day so I drove out Oldham way to visit a Mum mate that was also toddler free.
It was raining yet again but when it died down we to took the babies to Uppermill. I’ve never been this way before but my friend took us to a lovely place called Scona.
We went round the back for buggy access and quickly found a table next to some kids books.
Edie had done her usual poo when we arrive anywhere šŸ’© So off we popped to the baby changing, which also had a toilet in, there were hand towels rather than a drier and a fold out changer at a good height.
The highchairs were your wooden ones, tables a good height for it.
I grabbed Edie a book to look at while we perused the menu.
We went for a couple of smoothies as I was coffee’d out for the day (it does happen!) and some toasties. We shared a mediterranean one and a ham and cheese one.
I have to say this was one of the best toasties ever and I am a big fan of a toastie! It came with a bit of salad and some vegetable crisps that were delicious. The bread was thick but not too thick and the fillings were divine.
Edie approved!
We fancied a bit of something sweet so shared a hummingbird cake, which had pineapple in it, yum.
Edie soon got bored of sitting in the highchair so we wandered about the cafe. On one side of the cafe they have reclaimed furniture and homeware and lots of paintings on the walls to purchase. We chatted to a staff member about chalk paints and I bought a tester to try out at home.
It was a busy afternoon in the cafe, lots of ladies that lunch ā˜•šŸ° so inevitably there was some cooing over the babies and then time for us to go.
I didn’t need to breastfeed Edie in there and neither did my friend but the sign on the window as we came in made us feel very comfortable to do so if we needed.
Fab cafe in a beautiful village šŸ‡šŸžšŸ°


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