Booths Cafe, Booths, Media City UK, Salford Quays 26/08/16

I’ve used this cafe a lot in the past, I met a friend here for coffee when I was pregnant with Kaya and twelve hours later I went into labour. Little did I know it would be my last cafe visit as just me. For quite a while anyway!

It’s a handy one to use as I can pick up shopping at the same time, it’s nearby for Dan to meet us in his lunch break and if you have a booths card you can get a free coffee when you buy something in the cafe or free from the machine downstairs. Great for saving some pennies which we certainly need to now we have two kids! πŸ’·πŸ’· 

We arrived just before midday to hopefully miss the busy period, the lady at the counter was so helpful, she got some colouring in for Kaya to do and helped us over with the tray and getting Kaya into her seat. Which is what you need when you’re on on your own with two young kids. There are mainly tables and chairs with one sofa seat in the corner, so a comfy option for a breastfeeding Mum. 
The highchairs are the wooden ones but always spotlessly clean. I can’t stand filthy highchairs in places that look like they never get wiped πŸ˜’

We had a couple of toasties (that were reduced, whoop) a fruit salad, to which Kaya said “I don’t like salad” OK, Edie and I will eat it all then! I had a Mocha as my free coffee with an added shot of hazelnut, yum. I got an orange juice for Kaya and added it to her water cup. 

The lady came over to check on us a bit later, to see how Kaya’s colouring was coming along and have a chat, at which point Dan arrived to yelps of “Dadddddyyy” 😍

Cue poo / potty time, off I went with Kaya to see if she wanted the potty then Dan got lumbered with Edie’s nappy which I did on purpose apparently, what an evil genius I am 😈 

The toilet is disabled and baby change so very spacious and sink low down which is handy for a toddler with mucky mits and potty training. Only downside is it’s the only toilet so you may have a bit of a wait if it’s busy. 
Back to the table to tidy up and we got distracted by a table of kids books, we picked up some mini Elmer books (which I love, Kaya wanted Peppa blimmin Pig πŸ–). 

The lovely member of staff had been replaced by someone else so I didn’t get to say thanks but she really did make our visit a good one. It really does make all the difference.

Good work Booths, love your shop and cafe πŸ’œπŸ’™

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