The Coffee House, Monton, Salford, 28/08/16

August bank holiday weekend and we decided to stay local on the Sunday, taking a scenic stroll down towards Monton High Street. 

Edie had a decent nap and Kaya had stretched her legs so we stopped for lunch at The Coffee House. I’d been here once before and sat out the front but this time we discovered they had a courtyard garden! It was a decent day so we took the buggies round and grabbed a table. There was loads of space, great for buggies. 

A member of staff came out to say hello and help us get settled, letting us know to come and order when we were ready. 
Kaya had noticed they had toys in the cafe so we went in to order and grab some toys, they had loads to entertain all ages, even a big box of building blocks.

However Kaya thought I was trying to take her to the toilet to use the potty so decided to have an almighty meltdown on the way in! 😭

The food didn’t take long, we had some scrambled egg on toast for the girls to share, an omelette for Dan and a ham, cheese and pepper panini for me. Two Mochas for Mum and Dad. Kaya was too busy playing to eat but Edie loved her scrambled egg and our omelette and panini were good. Lovely coffee too. 

Kaya eventually let us take her to use the potty and we changed Edie as well, there was one toilet which was also baby change. It was clean and perfectly fine for all uses. Also meant Dan could take the girls as it was unisex.  

We stayed a while as Kaya was busy building with the blocks and Edie enjoyed watching her, after cleaning it all up (numerous times) we took the toys in and said said thanks. Kaya went and said thank you to the lady at the counter, which got her a small chocolate bar. I was asked if it was OK first obviously. So Kaya didn’t eat her lunch but got a choccy bar πŸ™ˆ haha. Ah well, she was good most of the time! 

We’ll be back as the outdoor area was great for the kids, the inside is nice too. Great service and entertainment for the kids. Thanks The Coffee House! 


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