Vanilla Bean, Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire 26/9/16

A rainy Monday with nowt to do so I decided to go and visit some friends that have recently moved from Sunny Salford to Slaithwaite near Huddersfield. It’s pronounced Sloaw-it, so if you say it how it looks, in a southern accent like mine you may well be kicked outta town! πŸ˜‰

The long drive gave Edie a chance to nap but as I got to the highest point of the M62 I was wondering if I’d gone too far. This was proper countryside and hills, scary stuff for this city dweller. With some directions we made it safe and sound.

After a catch up between toddlers bickering we decided we’d get out for a walk and brave the weather, there was a little bit of blue in the sky and these toddlers were going mental together in the house.

All strapped into the double buggy we trekked down the hill, I was not looking forward to heaving the doubler back up itπŸ™ˆ

We arrived at our destination and the cafe looked quite busy so I waited with the kids while my friend had a look for a table. They had an upstairs seating area πŸ‘ but not much space for buggies, I didn’t mind leaving mine outside with the rain cover on it and the other one folded up to go inside.

Once inside we had a look at the menu at the bar before heading up to find a seat as you needed to order at the till. We went for a couple of coffees, juice for the toddlers, soup and sandwich where you had the soup of the day with a sandwich of your choice. I had a chicken pesto and my friend chose a prawn sarnie. We’d already given the kids a bit of lunch so we got them a small bowl of ice cream each.

Upstairs there was a selection of toys so we grabbed a few bits and got settled. There was plenty of seating, loads of choice. We got quite a large table near the window.

It took a while to order as it was quite busy but they were helpful when I asked for their usual ice cream sundae to be split into two for the kids. The coffee and ice cream arrived very fast which we were pretty thankful for as the toddlers suddenly became very quiet! Engrossed in the eating of their ice cream. Time to guzzle that coffee down I think β˜•

Our sandwiches and soup arrived not much later, in my pictures the soup looks a bit like a large cup of weak tea but it was actually a very yummy lentil soup. I shared my food with Edie as she didn’t seem very impressed with the satsuma I offered her, especially as she could see the others eating ice cream. The sandwich was very tasty too.

Kaya was getting a bit wriggly so it was time to check out the facilities, luckily there was a toilet upstairs as well as a baby change toilet downstairs. It was clean and toddler hands were able to reach the sink.

The staff were friendly with the kids, chatting to them about the ice cream and it made us feel comfortable and accommodated.

Time to go and it was raining even more than when we left, I somehow made it up the hill pushing the double buggy – I did have to stop a couple of times and confessed to a passer by that yes we were crazy 😡 β˜”

Kaya insisted on using her brolly even though she was in the buggy so Edie and the top half of Kaya stayed nice and dry – my fellow Mum and I, not so much!
It was well worth it though, the kids were very content at Vanilla Bean and so were the Mums x


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