Pot Kettle Black, Barton Arcade, City Centre, Manchester, 11/10/16. 

So we finally have a date set to meet up with @mcrmother for coffee at PKB in town and I was running late! Surely I should be on time with only one child in tow.

Luckily I was only 30 mins late which for a Mum is not bad I reckon! Apologies out the way I said hello to Ted who was busy testing out his legs by climbing around his highchair and smiling away. Edie just stared blankly while I grabbed a highchair (standard wooden) and @mcrmother and I nattered away while also keeping an eye on the little’uns. 

Mum get togethers are often quite frantic and can often feel like you didn’t get much convo in but we seemed to manage quite well as Ted fell asleep in his Mums arms (so cute) while we talked and Edie was happy to stuff her face and look about the cafe.

It’s a lovely space, loads of room between tables and lots of seating choice. Also, as it’s in the arcade you can sit outside and people watch without actually being outside in the unpredictable Manc weather. Plenty of buggy space inside and outside. I don’t breastfeed Edie in the day time anymore so I didn’t notice if there were any seats with arms but they did have comfier cushioned seating near the back.

@mcrmother already had her coffee, a flat white and I ordered a cappuccino. There was loads of choice on the menu so it took a while to decide what to have but I went for some porridge for Edie and some cinnamon french toast for me. @mcrmother had some poached eggs of some kind. 

I didn’t take long to drink my coffee so I ordered another which came along with our food which looked and smelled amazing! The presentation was excellent and my french toast tasted delicious. Edie didn’t want to eat the porridge unless I put it on the spoon in front of her and let her feed herself – cue lots of mess in her hair, eughhhh! We gave her some praise when she managed to get it in her mouth. My eyes were definitely bigger than my belly (and Edie’s belly) as we couldn’t finish it all. Definitely good size portions. 

So we carried on chatting about being Mums and all things Instagram / Blogging and why we started, what do we wanna do with out lives now we’re Mums etc. Meanwhile Edie made friends with the other cafe folk and Ted slept in his buggy. A lovely lady came to say hello to Edie as she was leaving and she nearly got an earring yanked out! Eeek 😱 
We took it turns to use the facilities before we left but no bums to change, hooray! However there was baby changing and the toilet was large enough to access with a buggy if needed. It was the one toilet so also good for Mum or Dad to change bums. 

The staff we were lovely but left you to it mostly, it was a busy morning and I’m not surprised because the coffee was great and the food top notch. I’ve been wanting to try PKB for a long time and I’m so glad it didn’t disappoint – neither did @mcrmother and Ted 😊 👍

I’ll definitely be back because all the food and drinks on the menu looked delish and let’s not forget they have a take away hatch – great for coffees on the run 🏃


Buggy Access 👏

Seating 👍

Highchair 👍

Staff 👍

Food 💓

Baby Change 👏

Toys 👎

Scoring Key:

Not Good 👎


Great 👏

Love it 💓


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