Pot Kettle Black, Barton Arcade, Manchester, 11/10/2016, InstaMum Date with @mcrmother

When I started “the baby food critic mcr” it took me a while to get started, I was having doubts (as I’m sure many of us do) about sharing pictures of my children on the world wide web. Also how I wanted my reviews to come across and is there anyone out there already doing what I’m thinking of doing??

I did my research and couldn’t find anyone that dedicated their Instagram feed to family friendly eating venues so I went ahead and thought no time like the present! I realised I didn’t actually follow many Manchester Mums on my personal Instagram so I thought I better start following some on my new account. 

Which is how I found @mcrmother and a whole load of other great Northern based Instagram Mums. 

I’ve found this online Mum community to be really welcoming, encouraging and overall really friendly so it was great when they would like my posts, comment on my posts or mention me in comments. I was chuffed 😊 

Then I realised that @mcrmother was doing food and family friendly posts and I thought “oh crap, I hope she doesn’t think I’m copying her” and then I also realised I’d met her once upon a time at a Mama’s Collective meet earlier that year. It’s a small world! 

I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I messaged her to clear the air as such, not that there was any to clear I just had to get it off my mind. Me being a newbie to this kind of thing and all that. So anyway @mcrmother was lovely as pie and was glad I’d mentioned it as she was also worried! 

We agreed we could definitely co exist in this busy Instagram world and thought it would be great to collaborate some time.

So one thing led to another and a Mum Date was arranged!

Thanks @mcrmother for being, as you would say “a good egg” 😉 and thanks to all the other lovely Insta Mums 😘

Check out the reviews of Pot Kettle Black on our blogs xx



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