Bean & Brush, Sale, Manchester, 14/11/16. InstaMum Date with @rainycitykids

Now that I’m back at work I’ve not as much spare time for cafe adventures but the weeks are flying by and Mummy Monday comes around fast.
This week we caught up with half of Rainycitykids at Bean & Brush cafe in Sale.

I recently featured as a “Rainy City Mama” on their blog so I wanted to get to know them a bit better and just invited them to join me one week.

I can’t remember how I came across Bean & Brush but thought it looked a good’un and we were not disappointed.

The cafe is spacious, with plenty of tables and different seating options, most definitely breastfeeding friendly.

Buggy access was great, no problems there. Loadsa room next to tables or at the end of the cafe to park them.

Highchairs were the standard wooden but lots of them so no highchair races here – that’s when a group of Mums scramble for the highchairs and inevitably one or two of you loses out. Was normally me! Haha

We were a bit late so our new friends had already ordered and started eating their food, Edie clocked it straight away and pinched a lot of the bread, she’s a carb fiend 🍞🍞🍞

I perused the menu, couldn’t decide so went for some cheese on toast, Kaya said she wanted beans so beans on toast for her, a cheese toastie for Edie with cucumber and carrot sticks.

Drinks wise I got a trusty cappuccino and a Fentimans Elderflower.

It didn’t take long for the food to arrive and there were no complaints apart from Kaya then decided she didn’t want beans after all. Typical Toddler 😐

On the way to the toilet Kaya spotted the play area so we relocated to the other end of the cafe so they could play.

There is a separate baby change, the mean female toilets were toddler friendly and Kaya was chuffed that she could reach the tap to wash her hands.

Not long after we had a nosey upstairs and decided to paint some baubles and mugs, cue Edie needing a change so off I go back to the toilet facilities!

Hazel from @rainycitykids must be a speedy painter because they were done by the time I got back and had to dash off.

Kaya was patiently waiting to do some painting and hadn’t wrecked the place in my absence so we got on with ours. Two baubles with handprints from them both and a little mug that Kaya and I painted. I can’t wait to pick them up to see how they come out 😊

The staff were friendly and craft crew upstairs were fab with the kids.

I wish I’d discovered this place sooner, the South Manchester Mums have kept this one quiet πŸ˜‰


πŸ‘ŽNot good πŸ‘ Good  πŸ‘  Great πŸ’“ Love it

Bean & Brush Scores

Buggy Access πŸ’“

Seating πŸ‘

Highchair πŸ‘

Staff πŸ‘

Food πŸ‘

Baby Change πŸ‘

Toys πŸ’“


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