OurKid, Chorlton, 22/11/16

I’ve been wanting to try OurKid for too long and we finally made it this week! Hooray!

It was a grotty old day, so perfect weather for sitting in a cafe and warming up with a coffee.

OurKid opened back in June and is owned and run by three Mums in Chorlton. 

There are a lot of cafes to compete with in Chorlton but these Ladies are catering to the Mama’s and Kidlings and doing a wonderful job with the space they have. Buggy access is good but best to leave them outside if you can.

I was running late as per, parking is tricky in Chorlton but we found a spot nearby. I stupidly decided to carry Edie from car to caff, when did she get so heavy?!?
My fellow Mum and her two were already set up with drinks, a pot of tea and a baby hot choc. I grabbed a spare highchair, my fave the IKEA Antilop.

The baby hot choc looked fab so I ordered one for Kaya and a Cappuccino for me. They have a fab drinks menu with loads of choice.

Time to decide what to eat, they do a small but perfectly formed menu, a lot like their shop 😊
We went for the kids meal which was great value, a sarnie, fruit, a drink and biscuit for Β£3.00.

We chose the Bruscetta for us adults, the mozzarella, pesto and sun-dried tomatoe and the goats cheese and walnut for my Mama Mate.

The food didn’t take long at all, Edie tucked right in, she loves a bit of peanut butter sandwich. Kaya on the other hand just wanted to mess about with her juice, by drinking it without the straw. Hmmm.

We ate our scrummy Bruschetta while being referees to the battling toddlers that wanted all the toys to themselves. There was a massive box of them so plenty to go around – tiny dictators! 
The coffee was very nice and I wish I’d ordered another, it disappeared too fast. 

In between all that I remembered to set up the the lil tom tom bandit camera to see if I could get a decent time lapse video of our visit. Thanks to the other cafe dwellers for letting us film with you guys in the backgroundπŸ‘

It wasn’t long before Kaya spotted all the other stuff in the shop, so a good time to peruse the shelves and get some Christmas shopping done at the same time. I picked up some lovely activity books from GALT toys and some puzzle building blocks, putting them on the counter before Kaya got to all the stickers in the books. 
Then the inevitable trip to the loo before getting packed up to go, it’s a mini toilet but OurKid have managed to pack it all in. There is a mini seat for the toilet trained and training toddlers. Then in the area just outside the toilet a changing table that folds down from the wall. They’ve got it covered, it’s so much thought has gone in to this place from start to finish. 

There was a lovely looking cake on the counter as I was settling the bill which I commented on. 

“Would you like to take a slice home?”

I didn’t need much convincing πŸ˜‚

It took a while to get Kaya and Edie out the door as they were loving it, we probably could have stayed all day it’s so cosy. Shame it was such a wet day as their outside area is fab with some soft fake grass for the little’uns to sit and crawl on.
A perfect excuse to go back soon.
Thanks OurKid for having us and creating such a great little cafe.

Buggy AccessπŸ‘

Seating πŸ‘

Highchair πŸ’“

Staff πŸ’“

Food πŸ’“

Baby Change πŸ‘

Toys πŸ‘


πŸ‘ŽNot good

πŸ‘ Good 

πŸ‘ Great

πŸ’“ Love it


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