Forget Me Not – Toys & Books, Culceth, Warrington, 28/11/16 – Sadly now closed 😞

I heard about this place on a Facebook group ages ago so it’s been on my list for a while. I’d arranged to meet my friend Jenny and she fancied somewhere new so it was a good opportunity to go.
I messaged ahead through the Facebook page to check they were open on a Monday, I had a response pretty quick saying they were and that they run a Storytime session on Monday mornings at 10:30am.

We didn’t make the session (I’m crap at getting them out early when it’s not a work day) but arrived not long after 11am.

The cafe was quite busy but a couple of tables available for us to choose from. Good buggy access at the entrance, it’s a large shop with toys and books, the cafe is at the back with a play area close by the tables. Excellent!

We got seated, grabbed an IKEA Antilop highchair. All the seats and tables are the same here, perfectly fine but probably not the comfiest for breastfeeding as they had no arms. However there are loads of cushions in the play area that you could use if needed.

Kaya was straight over to the play area but Edie saw the food bag so sat with us in the highchair. She’s very impatient with food at the moment so I gave her some Organix snacks while we looked at the menu – always gotta have the snacks ready! 

We ordered a Mocha, Cappuccino, a Juice, some Teacakes and a Toddler Platter for the girls to share. 

The platter looked great on the menu and it did not disappoint, Kaya said she was gonna eat it all up! Quite the statement for a very fussy eater, she didn’t eat it all but she lasted longer with it than she normally would πŸ‘

The girls were pretty happy munching for a bit so us Mums got a good natter in, Kaya soon went of to play again and I put Edie down to join her. 

It was really nice to be able to stay seated at the table and finish our drinks while keeping an eye on them playing.

We had a nosey about the shop as well to pick up some Christmas presents, a great selection of toys and books here for all ages. I found a book about Cafes for Kaya 😊.

The girls were having fun so we ordered another coffee. It was quite difficult to leave as they were having too much fun.

It was so laid back here, really welcoming and stress free.

I wish it was closer to home 🏑


Buggy Access πŸ‘


Food πŸ‘

Highchair πŸ’“

Staff πŸ‘

Toys πŸ’“


Forget Me Not – Toys and Books runs Storytime sessions at 10:30am on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays also monthly Sling Library Meets. Check out their Facebook page for more info:


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