Wow Said the Owl at HOME, Manchester, 16/12/16

We’ve been reading “Wow Said the Owl” to Kaya since she was a baby, it was given to us at one of the Salford Sure Start Centres. So when I saw they would be running a production of it at HOME Theatre I knew I wanted to take her. 

I’d not taken her to anything like it before because Kaya is a wriggly child and I couldn’t imagine her staying still!

Anyway plans were made to go with our pals from Baby Massage (the group where I met my Mum/Dad mates and Kaya met her baby mates) and a date was set. 

I’d only been to HOME once, pre-kids, so I was looking forward to seeing how it was with kids. MCR Mama had raved about on Instagram so I had high hopes. 

I’d booked a table to ensure we had a space for pre show and to give them warning of toddlers! I’m sure they were well prepared with a kids production on in the run up to Christmas. They definitely were prepared as they hardly batted an eyelid when the toddlers decided to spin about on the floor rather than sit and eat 🙈

The kids menu was fab, loads of choice and different options. We went for the kids pizza and apple juice. I had a Cappuccino, a Fentimans Lemonade and a Pizza. The kids apple juice was great as it came in a cup with a lid – brilliant for Kaya as she’s always spilling drinks. The pizza was a good size, a bit big for Kaya’s appetite but that’s not very big at all so probably fine for other toddlers! My coffee got drunk very fast while chatting to the other Mums/Dad and my Pizza was very tasty. 

We didn’t use any highchairs today as it was all toddlers and one pre sitting baby but they do have them. I can’t recall what kind though. 

The toilets and baby change were a bit of a trek as the cafe restaurant is huge and they’re at the other end of the building. They’re massive though and provide everything you need so no complaints. One of the mum’s was potty training her toddler and she got him to the toilet on time when he needed to go! 

The staff were fantastic, really helpful and fine when our toddlers got a bit unruly. Time for ice cream to get bums back on seats! It was a small tub which was probably a bit much for one but we shared between two toddlers. That kept them quiet and still for a bit 👍

It wasn’t long till they were up causing chaos again and it was soon time for the show so a quick pack up, bill pay and go.

We didn’t need to wait long to gain entry to the small theatre space and we all got a good spot to watch the show. Kaya decided she didn’t want to stay put and half way through she started edging towards the stage, eeek! Luckily she wasn’t the only one, I did have to drag her off the stage at the end though as the stage manager came running over to say “not on the stage please!” 

Overall it was a successful day at HOME, the cafe / restaurant was great and Wow Said the Owl was stunningly beautiful. We loved it 💓

Buggy Access 👏

Seating 👏

Highchairs 👍 Not sure on type of chair

Food 👏

Staff 👏

Toys – not sure, they may have had colouring but we had our own entertainment on his occasion.

Babychange 👍


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